A fin de poder ofrecer las mejores soluciones a nuestros clientes, colaboramos estrechamente con los departamentos jurídico y de investigación. Our human team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, specialized in the preparation, valoration and provision of scientific advice in all fields of Forensic Criminology.

We have our own laboratory of lofoscopia, as well as our own mobile equipment foraccidents, always to ensure the best service to our clients. We are further more authorized by various official laboratories to proceed to the testing, keeping and custody of DNA evidences. In order to be able to offer the best solutions, we closely work together with the Legal and Investigation Departments.


  • Accidents (fires, ships, water, lights, gas and others)
  • Analysis of images
  • Analysis of written materials and documents
  • Authorization to proceed to the testing, keeping and custody of DNA evidences (kinship, blood, stains)
  • Criminal legal valuation
  • Criminal psychology – Witness’sestimation
  • Detection and obtaining of fingerprints
  • Doubtfuldeaths, incriminatory signs
  • Electronic sweeps, microphones, hidden cameras
  • Expert opinions of acoustic and voice
  • Expert reports and second assessments – Judicial and private
  • Forensic accidentology
  • Forensic biology and chemistry
  • Forensic photography
  • Forensic information technology
  • Forensic investigation and reconstruction
  • Graphology expert reports
  • Physiognomic expert reports
  • Polygraph test