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We advise and offer services both to individuals and to companies through the private investigation agency with official licence no. 1231 in the field of Private Investigation, comprised by expert professionals specialized in Criminal Investigation and with numerous Honorable Mentions given by the General Directorate of the Police.

We closely work together with both the Legal and the Forensic Criminology Departments, offering expert advice from specialized lawyers and criminalists.


  • Composition of expertreportsfor legal proceedings
  • Doubtfulkinships, heritages
  • Ex officioprosecutableoffences (with legal authorization)
  • False accusations (specialization in gender-basedviolence)
  • Investigationaboutsuspected abuse of children
  • Investigationaboutsuspectedeconomic fraudes
  • Investigationaboutsuspectedkidnappings – Sects
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Investigation of juries
  • Investigation of possible abuse of older people and domestic violence
  • Investigation of possible infidelity of a couple
  • Investigation of possible violenceagainstwomen and gender-based violence
  • Investigation of suspected theft and robbery
  • Investigation of undesired controls and threats – Counter-surveillance
  • Localization of witnesses of criminal acts
  • Negotiations
  • Non-uniformedsecurity
  • Review of evidences and convictions
  • Surveillance and control
  • Tracing and seizure of evidence