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We are forming a team specialized in legal advice and legal aid in the field of criminal and civil law, offering our services from our offices situated in the center of Barcelona, exercising in all kinds of criminal and civil proceedings.

Our professionals have a long and recognized trajectory in the legal field. We firmly believe in a new way of understanding advocacy, speaking the same language as our clients, putting ourselves in their place and reasoning the proposals to find always the most profitable solution for each client.

Our clients will be attended by the best professionals with a high level of specialization, ensuring the best legal response for any arising issue.

To do so, we are in close collaboration with our Forensic Criminology and Investigation Departments, also comprised of professionals of recognized prestige, by providing the following services:



  • Crimes against persons:
    • Homicide
    • Injury
    • Domestic violence and gender
    • Minor abuse and people with special vulnerability
  • Crimes against sexual freedom:
    • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual assault
    • Sexual harassment
  • Crimes against freedom and moral integrity:
    • Threats
    • Constraints
    • Illegal detentions
  • Offences against privacy and image:
    • Discovery and disclosure of secrets
  • Crimes against honor:
    • Injuries
    • Slander
  • Crimes against family rights and duties:
    • Abandonment of family, minors and disabled
    • Non-payment of pension
  • Crimes against property:
    • Concealment of assets
    • Misappropriation and fraud
    • Damage
    • Burglaries and thefts
    • Punishable insolvency
    • Corporat ecrimes
    • Against intelectual property
  • Crimes against collective security:
    • Blood alcohol
    • Drivingwithout a license
    • DrugTrafficking
  • Crimes against the administration:
    • Bribery
    • Misappropriation of publicfunds
    • Negotiations and incompatibilities officials
    • Prevarication
    • Trading in influence
    • Violation of criminal conviction or security measure


  • Contractual Liability:
    • Accidents- largeaircraft, vessels, goods
    • Breach of contract
    • Claims – water, electricity, gas
    • Malpractice
  • Tortliability:
    • Fires, floods
    • Trafficaccidents
  • Claims for payment
    • Debts
    • Unpaid bills
    • Bad cheque
    • Defulters
  • Family:
    • Interim Measures
    • Modification of definitive measures
    • Separation and / or divorce by mutual consent – Regulatory Agreements
    • Separation and / or divorce disputes – Negotiations
  • Inheritance:
    • Claims in heritances and legacies
    • Legitimate claims
  • Execution of sentences:
    • Alimony
    • Compensation for damages
    • Liability
  • Contracts:
    • Distribution
    • IOU
    • Lease
    • Transfer of business
    • Transfer of rights and exploitation
    • Purchase
  • Criminal enforcements:
    • Suspension of sentences.
    • Replacement of condemnations