Holmes AG Barcelona ® was born as a result of the union of three fields of knowledge: Investigation, Forensic Criminology and Law.

Traditionally, these areas worked independently, though related to one another, accompanied by numerous collaborations between different professionals for a better quality of their services.

Notwithstanding, the constant evolution of the social, political, economic and legal landscape, both locally and internationally, has led to the need in the private sphere to offer citizens a greater security and well-being, enhancing their quality of life.

Therefore, our objective is that our clients be always counselled and protected in all their needs, with the guarantee of a multidisciplinary firm, comprised of a personnel formed by expert lawyers, investigators, forensic criminalists, experts and security advisers.

We are offering our services in the national territory as well as abroad, both to companies and individuals. You can request a quote from us without any compromise through our contact form, indicating your personal details, email and the purpose of the matter.